So Stateside, if you’re looking for a particularly suitable place to bring your main squeeze out on a date, many places may come to mind. Depending on where you live, you may have your own local haunts where you go for the ambiance, the food, the beverage selection and whatever else lures you there. Since I didn’t take many girls on proper dates back in the States, I’m hardly an authority on this type of outing. But even in Akron, I can think of a few places that would serve the purpose well. But often these types of restaurants can be a bit pricey, particularly if you want food cooked with a specific culinary sensibility. But you bite the bullet anyway, reach for wallet and sacrifice your pocketbook for the sake of an overall experience.

In China it’s not much different. People want to commemorate their love for one another with profound yet refined, subtle, romantic gestures. And one of the most common is a nice well cooked, meal with comforting, welcoming surroundings. But you’d never guess what the hot date destination in China is.Not because the name is too foreign or because the experience doesn’t translate well across cultures. In fact, it’s probably so familiar to you that I’d be willing to wager that none of you’d ever guess what it was if given the chance. Here’s a hint. First of all, think of where NOT to go on a date. Especially for any type of anniversary or special occasion. My final hint is this: it delivers. At least in the States. By now you should have narrowed it down. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’ll just tell you, in China when you really want to delight your loved one, you take them to Pizza Hut. Yes, that’s right, Pizza Hut.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like the Chinese are all cheap dates. It’s not like men and women in China are too thrifty to shell out the money for a real date. Pizza Hut in China is not cheap like it is in the States. In fact virtually nothing about Chinese Pizza Hut resembles its American counterpart in any way. First of all the menu is nearly 10 pages long. Its contains a wide assortment of food and beverages, including, imported French wines, authentic looking Italian pastas, sirloin steak and a varied selection of beverages. They even had escargot! And the desserts were rather extravagant. They had at least two full pages of delectable looking sweets that I’m going to have to try sometime. But as fancy as the place was, its prices were even fancier. I got a coffee ice cream float and that alone cost me the same amount (in Chinese money) as three entire meals if we ate elsewhere. But overall I think the experience was worthwhile. It satisfied my nagging desire for pizza. I’ll be good to go for at least a few months.

We kept it simple and just ate pizza, instead of the more complex or obscure menu items, mainly because we were all missing American food, particularly pizza. And the pizza was pretty good. We ordered two larges and got various meats and vegetables on them. One of them had popcorn chicken on it and I found that one particularly delicious.

But as for the references to dating and romantic gestures, all in all I believe in keeping it simple. Genuine connection with the one you love should never have a price tag behind it. Sure its nice to get all dolled up and starry-eyed and go out on a date to a fancy restaurant, regardless of the cost. But when it comes to Ting Ting and I, I’m just happy to be in her company. And I’m sure she feels the same about me. I can sit in a crowded loud, dirty, roach infested restaurant. A restaurant that serves great, simple food that doesn’t break the bank and still have a deep romantic sentiment. I can also have an equally romantic experience in fine dining restaurant. Because, after all, it doesn’t matter how trendy the place, how apt the atmosphere or how delicious the food is—the quality of the person you are with and the value of your relationship them is all that truly matters. To all you lovers out there, keep being amazed by one another, keep prizing your connection to one another and keep working strenuously to love one another naturally and fluently. You can check the website for Pizza Hut China just to make sure I’m not spinning a whimisical tale of fancy and making all this shit up.!handler/menu.ashx?tagid=5 and also here